Thursday, May 8, 2014

JPL prelim results for may



ONLY on new data:

1. Do a LOO experiment. At each instance gives, left out row and rest rows.
2. Cluster rest rows.
3. Find nearest cluster to left out row with nearest attribute distance of centroids to left out row.
4. Estimate = Mean or median of LogicalEKLOC/ Logical Delivered,
 Actual = Actual LogicalEKLOC/Logical Delivered.
5. Calculate MRE.




 0) cluster the dense columns 
    1)  take the "left out" example,  described in terms of:
                a) the new columns ("new" means "not traditional cocomo")
                b) its "class" e.g. "flight systems"
                c) act effort 
    2)  find the "left out" example's cluster and extract the LOC in that cluster
               - note: until step 5 we will ignore the actual effort
    3)  go to darren's rig and generate effort predictions (constrained by (2) and (1b))
    4) show the 50 to 70th percentile range of (3)
    5) mark on that  range the actual effort
    6) dance and sing if the the actual effort (from 1c) is in the range of (5)

Estimate = Mean/Median of generated effort from darren's rig
Actual = actual effort of project

The 50 - 70 range sheet:

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