Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A Summer in Rear-view - Joe

NASA Ames Report:

In progress of developing a framework for NextGen aviation technology studies.  This framework will investigate the integration of highly-necessary NextGen technology into current aviation policies.


modeling for optimization:

[min] false alarm rate
[min] distance travelled
[max] granularity
[min] look-ahead time
[min] safe spacing distance
[min] crashes
[min] conflicts

num planes
homogeneous airspace {true, false}   /    num types of planes
num runways
percentage RNP
look-ahead time
safe spacing distance
[psych] scenario level {SC1, SC2, SC3, SC4, SC5}
[psych] function allocation {FA1, FA2, FA3, FA4, FA5}
[psych] cognitive control model     {OPP, STR, TAC}

California Trip:

In addition to visiting NASA Ames campus, I've visited several other sites as well:
 - Google
 - Stanford
 - Vegas
 - Los Angeles
 - San Francisco
 - Golden Gate Bridge
 - Napa Valley Area

GALE Paper Preview:

[culture] [crit] [crit mod] [init kn] [inter-D] [dyna] [size] [plan] [team size]

"New" Decision Bin Charts GALE vs NSGA-II:

Sans Completion:   {(just look at the stuff on the left)}

Looking Ahead:

Before end of 2013:
- Finish NASA Aviation Project
- "Upgrade" GALE into GALE2.  That means identify current quirks with GALE1 and clean them out to enhance performance.
- Integrate NASA project into GALE2 for testing.

Spring 2014: 
- Finish Ph.D.

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