Wednesday, April 24, 2013

pom decision frequencies + html5

POM3 Results (Showing POM3A and POM3B):

10 even width bins between min and max
min <= val < bin1
bin1 <= val < bin2


Popular Buzz Word of recent; very powerful (cool and fast) with Javascript + jquery + CSS3.
(initially opened in 2011, updates in 2012, became a WC3 recommendation Dec 2012.)

- Some stuff that's new with HTML5:
- HTML5 is the way to go today.

Tools: - a game library set of tools for javascript to make html5 games
(one of many, there's also game engines and interface-only designers not-for-free) - popular web site to submit your games and gain audiences/revenue
(there are several other sites, as well)

My Fun-box site & Test of HTML5

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