Tuesday, November 1, 2011

stats methids

divide numbers such that the entropy of the treatments they select is minimal: http://unbox.org/stuff/var/timm/11/id/html/entropy.html divide performancescores such that the variance t is minimal: http://unbox.org/stuff/var/timm/11/id/html/variance.html
given N  arrays of performance results p .... of treatments 1,2,3...
with means  m[1],m[2], etc
with stand devs of s[1], s[2], etc then ...

for i in N
   for j in N
        boring[i,j] = (abs(m[i] - m[i])/s <= 0.3) #cohen

N*samples timesRepeat: {
   i = any index 1..N
   j= any index 1..N
  if (boring[i,j] continue
   x = the i-th member of p[i]
   y = the j-th member of p[j]
   diff = x - y
   better = if(errorMeasures) diff<0 else diff>0
   win[i] += better
for(i in win)
   win[i] = win[i]/(N*samples) * 100 # so now its percents

rank treatments by their position in win (higher rank = more wins)

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