Monday, November 14, 2011

1. Bias Variance Analysis
    a) Anova -> Bias is 8/20, Variance is 14/20
    b) Scott&Anova -> Bias is 8/20, Variance is 15/20
    c) Anova plus Cohen's correction: Bias is 8/20
    d) Kruskal-Wallis not so good: Bias is 4/20 and variance is 10/20
    e) Sorted bias values of all the data sets plotted are here.
           The above plots showed us that there are extreme values due to new experimental conditions.
    f) The Friedman-Nemenyi plots are here for separate data sets.
    g) The same test as before for the entire 20 data sets together are here.
    h) Re-generate boxplots with the new experimental conditions.

I applied a correction on the analysis, because...
Here is the paper with new boxplots..
Here is the Friedman Nimenyi plots on separate data sets, bias is the same for 15 out of 20 data sets..
Below is the result of Friedman Nimenyi over all data sets, i.e. if we see it as 20 repetitions.

2. Papers
    a) HK paper is revised and is ready to be seen here.
    b) Active learning paper's major revision is submitted to TSE.
    c) Camera ready versions of ensemble and kernel papers are submitted to TSE and ESEM.

3. The break-point experiments

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