Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Will McBurney

Currently a graduate student in Computer Science at West Virginia University, Will McBurney is a programmer, musician, and blogger on the side. Will McBurney began programming in his Senior year of High School in Charleston, WV, his hometown. Originally attending WVU as an undergraduate aspiring to become a Mechanical Engineer, Will switched majors midway through his freshmen year to Computer Science.

It is not secret Will is a major nerd. Will skipped his Senior Prom to go to National Science Bowl in 2006 and has read more Star Wars books than most people have read at all. On the inter-tubes, Will uses the psuedonym "Death by Smiley", a name that was made up spur of the moment while playing Halo in the dorms at WVU.

-Will McBurney

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