Friday, January 28, 2011

Talk at Microsoft Research, Jan 27, 2011

Talk at Microsoft Research, Jan 27, 2011

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The rapid pace of software development innovation challenges empirical software research to keep up, if it is to deliver actionable and useful results to practitioners. The empirical software engineering research field has not always been able to deliver this. Recently, it has become increasingly apparent that rigorous data collection and analysis can be so expensive and time-consuming that empirical software engineering studies, which seek to understand the costs and benefits of software development solutions in practice, greatly lag the pace of innovation in the field. In too many cases, a trusted body of empirical results can only be built up after the innovative solutions that they are studying are already well on their way to obsolescence or standard practice. However, we argue that recent advances put a sustainable and increased research pace within our reach. A suitably scaled-up and nimble empirical research approach must be based upon the “crowd-sourcing” of tough empirical problems. 

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