Monday, January 20, 2014


Scrum'med POM3? Or Generic POM based model with more agile support?


*1. Input and output remains same as POM3. More outputs--velocity/burndown charts?Or Need any changes?
*2. Instead of pom3_requirements--Add user stories. Each user story has..
   -Number of teams.
   -Estimate size.(s)
   =Generate them at random and (min<Sum(s)<max)--min,max predefined
   ?Heap or not?
   ?Implementing changes on the go?
3. Teams in pom3 remains the same. If any, Make Changes in pom3_teams according to (2)
*4. Maintain product backlog at all times.
    -Divide user stories into sprints and assign sprint to each team.
    -If team completes one sprint, assign one more. loop it.
    -Manage release backlog? Set of sprints at random as "release backlog".
    -End of each sprint update release backlog and calculate velocity.
5. Have to figure a way to score? Use pareto frontier as base as in POM3? Any other idea? 

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