Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Unified Approach paper

SPLOT & LVAT models, IBEA vs. NSGA-II, all the best strategies.
Extending 3 papers: ICSE’13, CMSBSE’13, and ASE’13.

Unified approach

20 models
7 models
More models?

43 – 290 features
544 – 6888 features

Continuous dominance vs. Boolean dominance
7 algorithms (ICSE’13)
5 algorithms (TSE)
2 algorithms (ASE’13)
5 algorithms
Best parameters
Pop = 50, crossover = 0, mutation = 0.5/FEATURES
Pop = 300, crossover = 0.05, mutation = 0.001
(not thoroughly tested)
Tree Mutation
ASE’13 (feature fixing)
Argue that they’re almost the same
Give more weight to constraint satisfaction
(8 objectives)

Run 5-obj vs. 8-obj for all 27 models.

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