Thursday, July 11, 2013

This weeks progress - Erin

I still have pneumonia, so I am not attending the meeting.

Prelic match score compares the rows in each bicluster to all other biclusters from the competing biclustering solution, and keeps the highest match score.  This is done for all of the clusters in the first biclustering solution.

The match score for all of the biclusters are averaged to give a final score.

I have the match score implemented and ran it to compare all of the algorithms solutions.
I do not have the analysis of these numbers complete.
I plan on running Wilcoxon against the population of match scores to see if there is a statistical difference between the scores.

I will add in the Jaccard Index and Liu's index to the code to provide additional match measurements. I will also compute Hedges' g for effect size.

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