Wednesday, March 6, 2013

SBSE MOO in Few Evals: GALE

GALE = Geometric Active Learning Evolution

Hypervolume versus IBD and IBS
  -  IBD = how good we are
  -  IBS = how spread out we are
  -  Both based on IBEA indicator

More Results:
 - added some more flavors just so we have one of every cookie
  - Left table shows the Raw Averages for everyone over 20 repeats
  - Right table uses t-statistic to generate confidence interval (99%) 
  -  7-3-2 on wins-losses-ties when only considering IBD (quality)
  - WIN or LOSS = no overlap of confidence interval
  - RRSL should be GALE, here

Analysis Notes:
  - RRSL wins badly on NumEval
  - NSGA-II outperforms RRSL in runtime for small MOPs that are cheap to evaluate.  But when models become expensive (i.e. POM2), NSGA-II becomes slow and RRSL wins in runtime
  - RRSL is a very decision-sided routine.  For ZDT1 (30 decisions) and osyzcka2( 5 decisions ), the runtime of RRSL is punished

Paper "3/4 Draft":
 - nothing in here, yet:
 - promise to be integrated in linux/latex fully by full draft time

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