Thursday, June 14, 2012

Recursive Clustering Algorithm

Example 1

Example 2

Things to Note:
  • Thickest blue line is first east-west, lines get thinner as the split recursively
  • Implemented on 50 random points between (0, 0) and (100, 100)
  • Set to 3 recursive splits (8 clusters of 6 or 7 points)
Things to Do:
  • Ascii Tree of clusters
  • Docs for program
  • Implement w/ Models (should be very easy)
  • Optimize for more than two dimensions
  • Make decisions on most interesting clusters (genetic algorithm, differential evolution, or simulated annealing)
  • Implement possible heuristics? 
  • To keep median point? As of right now it assigns to the higher upper half 
  • Size of clusters to aim for? or number of times recursed?

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