Monday, February 27, 2012

Week in Summary

The 400 Project
> A "master list" of "rules" of game design

Much literature on game design and methodologies. They say to "tune" the game after you design/develop it. But nothing found on methodologies for "tuning".
> Some games involve beta process. Takes in lots of feedback, only one chance to revise.
> Some games have testers who report feedback quickly. Many chances to revise.
> > Testing process draws out and takes time: lots of money.
> Want something that does not involve testers

Working on Qualifier Paper & Presentation
> Section I: History of Gaming and other background information
> > Pre-computing era (Ancient Civilization - 1950)
> > Early Computing Era (1950 - 1980)
> > Computing Era (1980-2000)
> > Golden Age of Gaming (2000 - present)
> Section II: Overview of Games Studies, and Role of Engineering in Games Studies
> Section III: My own research (and what kind of Games Studies it is)

Revise an unsuccessful game into something successful
> Tons of games which are unsuccessful
> Study these games and analyze them
> > What went wrong?
> > Suggest revisions that could have made them successful instead
> I'm currently studying an old game called Deadly Towers
> Coding up a game could take months
> > Working on existing game code involves coding in assembly

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