Monday, September 28, 2009

ICSM 2009 Presentation - Relevance Feedback

Sadly, I couldn't make it to the International Conference on Software Maintenance this year. Fortunately for us, our fantastic contributor Sonia Haiduc could attend and present our paper. She did a great job, and there is a ton of interest in the follow-up work.

The abstract:
Concept location is a critical activity during software evolution as it produces the location where a change is to start in response to a modification request, such as, a bug report or a new feature request. Lexical based concept location techniques rely on matching the text embedded in the source code to queries formulated by the developers. The efficiency of such techniques is strongly dependent on the ability of the developer to write good queries. We propose an approach to augment information retrieval (IR) based concept location via an explicit relevance feedback (RF) mechanism. RF is a two-part process in which the developer judges existing results returned by a search and the IR system uses this information to perform a new search, returning more relevant information to the user. A set of case studies performed on open source software systems reveals the impact of RF on the IR based concept location.

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