Friday, September 18, 2009

Guide to Writing up Empirical Results

The appendix of this paper offers the headings of standard experimental se paper

I offer this reluctantly since while science may be REPORTED like this, it is not PERFORMED like this. The sentence that really stings is:
    "According to Singer [14], the Analysis section summarizes the data collected and the treatment of the data. The most important points for this section are: (1) It is not allowed to interpret the results [14] and (2) data should be analyzed in accordance with the design [6]. "
I do not know how to do analysis without interpretation. I am not an ethereal being with no desires or biases. IMHO, this kind of paper is sort of a post-hoc structuring of all the unstructured thrashing we do prior to cleaning up our ideas.

Nevertheless, the appendix is a good check list of headings. Feel free to deviate from them but at least it is a place to start


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