Tuesday, August 11, 2009

(Short) Paper accepted to ASE'09

Assessing the Relative Merits of Agile vs Traditional Software Development.

Bryan Lemon, Aaron Riesbeck, Tim Menzies, Justin Price, Joseph D’Alessandro, Rikard Carlsson, Tomi Prifiti, Fayola Peters, Hiuhua Lu, Dan Port

We implemented Boehm-Turner’s model of agile and plan-based software development. That tool is augmented with an AI search engine to find the key factors that predict for the success of agile or traditional plan-based software developments. According to our simulations and AI search engine: (1) in no case did agile methods perform worse than plan-based approaches; (2) in some cases, agile performed best. Hence, we recommend that the default development practice for organizations be an agile method. The simplicity of this style of analysis begs the question: why is so much time wasted on evidence-less debates on software process when a simple combination of simulation plus automatic search can mature the dialogue much faster?

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