Monday, August 24, 2009

Oussama El-Rawas

Known by his colleagues as simply "Ous" (pronounced like moose "without" the "m"), Oussama originally did his undergrad at the American University of Beirut in Computer and Communications Engineering. Shortly after, he enrolled at WVU in the Electrical Engineering Graduate program, where he conducted his research in software engineering models, search based AI, and software project management. His research produced, in addition to his final Masters thesis, several papers that have been accepted at conferences such as ASE, ICSE and ICSP among others.

Currently Oussama is commencing his PhD studies, working as and GTA and continuing his research work with Dr. Tim Menzies. When not occupied with his work, Oussama enjoys reading technology news, researching open source software and its use, listening to various genres of metal music, and spending time with his beautiful wife.

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