Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Gregory Gay

GregComputer Science researcher by day, gaming journalist by night - is there anything that Greg can’t do? Hint, the answer is lots. Greg is a pop-culture junkie with an entertainment addiction. He’s also likely to quote Oscar Wilde at any given moment. Greg loves quirky Japanese video games, esoteric role-playing games, Tetris, film noir, Lovecraftian horror, and Irish whiskey. He isn’t wild about Russian literature or DC crossover events, both of which result in confusing, mind-shattering crises.

Greg is a master's student at WVU. When not researching the latest information retrieval and parametric testing methods, he writes about video games for 4 Color Rebellion. He used to head up WVU's ACM chapter.

For more info, see his personal site, twitter, or facebook.

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