Tuesday, June 4, 2013

icse'13 report

9 days. 2 conferences. 3 workshops. 1 tutorial.


data science tutorial

  • 25 attendees
  • over half from industry
  • ekrem reports that in the san fran start up culture, anyone with a little data mining skills goes far

 CMSBSE (combining Modelling and Search-Based Software Engineering)

  • abdel's workshop talk went well
Dapse (data analysis patterns)

book contract signing
  • book #2 (sharing data and models) is now underway
  • book #1 (data analysis patterns book) scuttled by dapse workshop. field currently too diverse to accept analysis patters

  • abdel's talk went well. and, the ever present question, why didn't you use a theorem prover
  • sonia (from wayne state)'s talk went well

RAISE (realizing AI synergies in SE)

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