Tuesday, June 18, 2013

GUI Development With Tkinter

Absolute necessities:

Read and parse an input file composed of centroids.

Display a graph with the centroids.

Allow the end user to select two centroids and view the deltas between them.

Other concerns:

Quality of the UI (Ease of use, etc.)


(Concerning the GUI package used in development) How easy is install? Can the package do what is needed of it?

Between WxPython and Tkinter, Tkinter showed itself to be an exceedingly easy deployment.
Tkinter is not a complex or versatile package.

Not really important anyways -- graph display/centroid selection is all relatively simple, as is feeding data out to a user.


The package is extremely simplistic. I can read mouse input and place widgets such as buttons, text displays, "canvases", etc. with ease. The next goal is to build the program so as to display the graph using a canvas widget.

Another necessary program feature is reading file input. I have not yet worked on this, and will begin delving into this area by the end of the week. Concerns in this area are namely portability (due to a differing of file structure/naming archetectures)

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