Monday, September 17, 2012

Aptamer Deadend Estimation

Cluster A3 doubles from the initial round to round 3, indicating that the cluster is a likely candidate for Atrazine aptamers.

Where the clusters contain a combination of the following attributes:

The cluster A3 has all of the attributes in the A cluster as 1 for its centroid.

The concentration of cluster A3 in subsequent rounds varies in a manner that suggests that the system has reached a steady state.  The concentration in round 3 is a reasonable estimate for the final value reached in round 12.

If the concentration of cluster A3 at round 3 was used as an estimate for the concentration of the target cluster, then the non-target clusters, i.e. deadends, are illustrated by the grey section of the chart.  

The Bromacil experiment shows a similar trend, with an increase of 1 1/2 from the initial round to round 3.

The experiment is once again dominated by cluster A3.

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