Tuesday, October 1, 2013

WMC3CDA Results

Shown here are results for GALE/NSGA-II/SPEA2 for a single run each on the CDA simulation for the WMC3 framework  (i.e. WMC3CDA).  

Note that each single run evaluates every member of every population for comparison purposes, but with GALE, not every evaluation is necessary for optimization.  Thus, each algorithm takes ~ about 4 hours to do a single run.

The results below are for a single run of the algorithm.  A more complete analysis would require ~ 10 runs at the very least, or 20 to be minimally satisfying to put up a solid statistical comparison.

Dot Plots: 1

Line Plots:
GALE is on top.   Bottom plots have messed up plot marker-choices, so read carefully.

Although GALE reaches some lows not seen by the other algorithms, GALE has much larger variance, which could theoretically be fixed by removing random jiggles.

Note that the adjustments in making GALE deterministic (removing all randoms) are not used in these results.

Whats Next:
Need more Decision Variables!
 - Different landing routes
 - Radar Tower parameters?

Prune some objectives away?  Focus on time lost instead of number of delayed/interrupted tasks.

NASA furloughs - no access to their servers for now.  Need to get stuff working on my machines.

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