Wednesday, July 11, 2012

To-Do List:

  • Summer Report 3: researching MOEA performance metrics, testing NIS active breeding pool updating, new performance metrics?
  • Summer Report 4: researching nicheing techniques, testing new idea for nicheing technique against those in literature, new MOEA?
  • Thesis: compiling summer research results into a thesis
  • Paper? I'm pretty sure that my Non-dominated Insertion Sort will make MOEAs converge faster.  I think that the algorithm running times are worth publication on their own.  If it also accelerates convergence, I think the resulting algorithm could be called NSGA-III (or NISGA).
  • Prepare for job hunt: After this, I'd like to prepare for getting a job.  I'd like to do some research that can relate to landing a data mining or game coding job.

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