Monday, March 5, 2012

Redesigning Games

The game I made earlier this year: AiMazed
- Random dungeons are built and your job is to pilot a car through the maze and find:
- - - > A key
- - - > An exit
- - - > Enough crystals to power the exit warp
- Meanwhile, there is also an AI computer agent doing the same thing

My (Re)Design Methodology, buffed up a bit:
---Pre-Production of a working version---
- 1. Design the Game
- 2. Guess the AR Vector for your game (AR_PROJECTED) based on your own experience
- - - > 2b. Or, look up an AR Vector from previous knowledge based on the game class/genre
- 3. List each feature in your game
- 4. Score each feature in your game for AR (AR_i)
- 5. Add weights if necessary to the above features
- 6. Average each feature (AR_AVG)
- 7. Compare AR_AVG and AR_PROJECTED
- 8. Add features based on comparison in (7)
--- Post Production of a working version ---
- 9. Discover disruptions to game play and propose fixes to them
- 10. Propose whatever other suggestions you deem appropriate

If the AR_AVG for some aspect is less than that aspect in AR_PROJECTED, then you need to add some features to bring the AR_AVG up to the projection.

Above is put to work to redesign and make AiMazed better.
- This will give us two versions of the game
- Need places (separate places) to post game and get ratings
- Hypothesis: V2 using my method gives a better rating

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