Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Concept Lattice Generation

Using a tool called Lattice Miner (written in Java), I was able to generate the following lattices.

NOTE: This lattice was generated using only PD, PF, and PREC as objectives (meaning 3 dimensions). This generated 25 rules. Using all 6 dimensions I have been using (number of bugs found, lines of code, bugs/loc), I was getting 70 rules, which made the lattice chart very large and unwieldy, and therefore not ideal for the presentation:

Limitations: it doesn't allow labelling of edges, only of points.
This tool doesn't have a summary tool (to average the PDs, PFs, etc) that I have found yet.
No command line interface that I have found yet.

Benefits: File structure makes it very easy to generate lattice grid files on the fly
Very quick
Visually appealing

Worth noting: Lattices higher on the tree (towards the top) tend to have higher PD, higher PF, lower precision
As you move down the tree (towards more complicated rules), you start to see lower PF and lower precision, but also lower PD

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