Monday, September 12, 2011

Wrapping up after the quals

1. ESEM 2011 Talk: Version1 of our presentation is here.
2. The papers waiting for revision are:

  • Active Learning Paper at TSE (major changes (for 2 goods, 1 excellent) due 5th December 2011)
  • Kernel Paper at ESEM (minor changes due 29th September 2011)
  • Ranking Stability Paper at ASE (major-awaiting the return from TSE about ensemble paper)
  • Bias-Variance Paper (new statistical test)
  • Hong-Kong paper (waiting for submission after the reviews of Dr. Keung & Dr. Menzies)
3. Design of experiments for unsupervised feature selection. My action-plan is:
  • Find a list of 10+ unsupervised feature selectors
  • See this work as a follow-up or complement of the active learning paper, i.e.
  • Use the same datasets as the active learning paper
  • Run only feature selectors and see which datasets can give the same performance with less features. This will show if it works at all.
  • If prior succeeds, then run active learner (with k=1) followed by successful feature selectors. Then change this order and get another run. Compare performance to using the whole dataset and see if feature selection and active learning can complement one another.
4. Design of experiment for the ET test. My action plan for the paper is:
  • Reading the TSE paper for better understanding
  • Formulating the ET test in a formal manner
  • Replicating the ASE paper to confirm/refute the ranking changes
  • If the previous one succeeds, then building ensembles to see if the ET test outcomes are confirmed by successful multi-methods (???)

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