Tuesday, October 5, 2010

IDEA - Progress

List completed so far:

  • Flipping the X-axis so that the dense area of points are at the West pole (essential for logging the x axis).
  • Logging of X and Y Coordinates
  • Equal width and equal frequency grid creation for m x n divisions.
  • Separating data point into Quadrants based on the axes. (Not recursive yet)
  • Coloring the plot where data exists.
  • Next step will be to color in interesting* neighboring quadrants.

Quadrants w/points, N=10

Quadrants w/points, N=4

Images below do not demonstrate the quadrant highlighting demonstrated above.

jm1 defect dataset

jm1 defect dataset with log(x)

kc1 defect dataset

kc1 defect dataset with log(x)

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